About Us

Our Features

PropTech is an advanced blockchain platform to
trade global properties online

  • Secure, cost effective, peer to peer transactions via cryptocurrency
  • Access to liquid, trust, transparent global market and easier to cash out
  • Lower barriers for cross border investments

Platform Benefits: Property Developer/Seller

Easier to list and sell properties online, and get in touch with qualified buyers directly to reduce the involvement of middlemen

More convenient, secure to receive international payments at very low costs, and reduce the volatility of foreign currencies

Transparent information to guarantee the fair price of property, and the platform exchange to create a more liquid, efficient secondary market for all parties to cash out

Sell property portions to more buyers with less price discount, so maximize the property value for the seller

Buy FST at early bird price, save the cost of commissions and fees paying to 3 rd party providers later

Hold FST for appreciation, to be partner of the platform and share its revenue together, make profit on selling FST

Platform Benefits: Property Investor/Buyer

Transparent, trust property information to help the buyer make right investment decisions

Easier and lower costs to invest and manage overseas properties, connect the global RE market together

Be able to make more affordable investments into partial or complete property, and cash out at the exchange

Access to an efficient, liquid secondary market, trading properties like trading stocks or bonds

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